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Why TruTik?

In an industry overrun by paperwork and regulations, TruTik is an innovative, user-friendly software that will revolutionize the way you manage your administrative responsibilities. With TruTik you will be able to track loads, create professional invoices, pay taxes and stay current with federal regulations. Our solution allows us to adapt to each user's unique wants and needs and our goals is to continue providing essential tools for success and profitability at an affordable cost, even to the smallest company.

About us

TruTik is made up of professionals in both the Trucking and Software industries. A relationship was formed between a small agriculture carrier and a software engineer to create the initial version of this software. The carrier was astonished by the product and how it streamlined their process, thus allowing more time to focus on the restructuring and strengthening of their business. It was then we realized, this is something worth sharing. As we did our initial research into other trucking software in the market we quickly learned it was not only targeted toward a different demographic, but it was far too costly for small carriers and owner-operators. Not to mention, their operating systems were outdated. We continued to develop our innovative system and made it our goal to be affordable to the little guys, and to bring trucking software up to the current level of technology. What we've built is a cloud-based platform with the ability to integrate all aspects of operating a trucking business. Putting the power into the hands of the user. Our goal will continuously be to stay a step ahead of industry changes. In an industry being overwhelmed by regulations, that can make being successful a challenge, we will build and release tools to help users easily adapt.

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CLOUD-BASED: Access your profile anywhere, at anytime, via the web. Our cloud-based service allows for enhanced functionality and new updates and upgrades to happen automatically.

MODERN INTERFACE: Simple, user-friendly software. Fully responsive, which means it looks great on any device.

ADMINISTRATIVE HUB: Allow access and set permissions based on your company needs. Create individual profiles for office personnel, drivers, customers, and owner-operators.

ARCHIVING: Information is power. Easily access years of data and run reports through an array of search parameters.

SUPPORT: User input is encouraged. Our goal is to act on all user feedback and be available to you 24 hours a day.

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  • Dashboard

    Track receivables, view your year-to-year comparisons, and track company progress throughout the fiscal year.

  • Ticket Entry

    Customize the way you charge your clients and pay your drivers; be it by weight, load, or driver hours.

  • IFTA

    View side by side truck, state, and driver comparisons in real time. Or, work with our support staff to upload IFTA data from your existing Electronic Onboard Systems.

  • General Reports/IFTA

    A data-table with filter parameters for easy edits. Run quarterly reports, state miles and gallons, and export all information.

  • B&O / Excise Tax

    Automatically categorize as taxable or exempt. Override a state-to-state taxable haul depending on local state law.

  • Driver Pay

    Driver payment ability as per multiple payment directions

  • Load Tender

    Manage open loads, assign them to a driver or owner operator, print a load confirmation page, and send each load directly to a new or existing order.